As long as you're happy, I'm happy. - UPW starts very soon.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get over the feeling I have/had of what is being said is not what is meant.
I heard the words but read something else in the tone of your voice, what I saw in your eyes and body language.
However, it does not matter now. As long as you're happy, I'm happy.

Now the new road on the way to the final destination. On the way there, there are some goodbyes that still need to be done.
My beautiful Children and the meetings with them are now bonuses until the day comes and I have to go. Then there is the wait for the age they get to decide for themselves.

My dream to have the most beautiful I know on this trip was wishful thinking that will not happen. That's ok.
Along the way, I will create good memories.
But forget you, I never do, because you helped me create me. I'm very grateful for that.

Even this goodbye that did not "were meant to be right now" need to be in the end and it is going to coming too.

UPW IS NOW knocking on my door and it is the start of my new road. I am going to embrace and work as much as I have the energy to. Reach the final destination, with a lot of milestones in between.

I did promise you to be famous, to make a difference, I change it to I am going to serve to make difference.

But I'm going to promise you this. You never ever going to miss seeing me. Wherever you turn, I will be seen, in pictures, films in all possible ways.

Why? I know you understand and you already have the answer within you. I am sure of that.

Now I will be steel in everything I do. Love whit steel is my way what is yours?

Walk With Love. /ZitaZoo

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