BUT If you...

“I’m trapped, I can’t get out, My life is stuck in this hole and I don’t know what to do"

BUT If you need to be you whit independence and freedom, then fight for it.

Fighting for what you want in life, is not always easy, but if anyone can do it then I believe that person deserves everything they are overcoming. No matter how deep or dark things may seem right now don't give up on yourself, ”on me”!

You are not a victim of your circumstances; you are a victor in life if you just go after it with all you have. -you're living proof that if someone goes after their dreams with everything they have got then great things happen as well.

I believe if people hurt you they are not worthy of your time and present. I believe if you get stuck you always have more than 3 choices.

Take it, develop it and build your own situation where you control and are your boss. Look at what you learned from these people and redo it. You can, you are the best and everything will work out in the end. So work hard and focus on what you can control. Not on what you do not see, hear, and which hurts.

Make your dreams with inventiveness, perseverance, love, and stick to your plan over and over again. Give everything you can and never beg for anything back, then you will feel best.

This is my belief. Walk with Love /ZitaZoo

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