Explain to me why I should stay here?

Can't get it in my head, why!

I KNOW WHY I should not stay ....

Today I received these words from someone I know. Your children need you. Yes they do. Unfortunately, it's like this. The only ones who think so are the one who said it, our family therapist, me (their father too) and the children. Having said that. Yes, they need us. BUT to be stuck and not do what I have to. It does not help the children.

What helps the children is to be seen, heard and be me. Do what I have to and feel good. Then the children feel good. To always make sure that the children know that mother loves them will be No. 1 in the way of doing what I have to.

See the film

Sitting here will not be good then I will be like the movie (see below.)

But at a distance (they do not live with me). I will slowly but surely fade away to nothing left. What do the children have then when they are old enough to decide for themselves. No mother for sure.

So the goals I set are now time to reach.

Give myself a high five

Follow the 5 point rule. Every time you feel it's hard or every time the grief comes. Count down from 5 to 1 when you reach 1 and you do what you know you can do best, do what you have to do the next rich thing.

Then do not forget every time you walk past a mirror tell yourself that you are the best and give yourself a high five.

Kram vart du än må vara. /ZitaZoo

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