Pain, love and a lot of energy. YES it going to get better from now.

One more time.

Just wondering how many f ***** g times have I said it

and doing it over and over again?

I wish that I was good enough, if only I could wake you up. But the reality is not that, so keep walking girl keep walking. Do it all over again and again. You know the reality and you know what to do. So do it and keep walking.


Remember no one can judge you, forget the haters 'cause somebody is out there and they love you and me. Maybe, not the one you think. The one you love, but what a f**k we are in a world with 7.8 Billion people for screaming out loud.

Be you and I be me. And along the way, we find what we looking for. To you, I am Love I wish you the best in life. Soon it is time for me to take the next step. And as I am always sad If I got to live in that skyline I dream of I can look out and see a whole world and just make my life the best I can and make good memories so I feel good when a what fore my kids to be old enough to decide be themself so the can come home I bit to me.

Love Love Love and thanks to my best friend how really stood up to me yesterday when hi got the complete truth of my feelings. You Rock do not forget that. For 15 years we waked some way and now it is time to take the last way before we walk alone on our one ways.

"I like girls, I like guys. I like to eat the pussy then again I like to ride. Yeah, I love kissing on girls and then I put the dick inside. I'm bisexual bitch and I ain't got nothing to hide" from the song "Bisexual Anthem" - Domo Wilson
If you have them both at some time and big boobs I LOVE it. YES, this is me and I am proud of me.

Love to you all from Sweden /ZitaZoo

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