Q&A answer.

Dreams do come true, be brave, believe, and be persistent.

What Do You Really Want?

To serve...

Any suggestion for finding new friends?

Be your own friend first. Let life be for you and it going to come when time and the universe serve you. I am in a wheelchair and do not come out yo much. But I believe everything has its own time and the day we are ready is going to be there

What are two obstacles between you and your next level right now?

Nr 1 The goodbye I am going to say in February.
Nr 2 The 6 films I am recording for the wisdom e-course I am releasing.

To summon up I can't change TIME... BUT I am DOING it. For me to get to serve...

How do you re-energize when you feel tired or unmotivated?

Sleep 20 minutes and after that starting up whit something creative like drawing a doodle or something whit my hands. OR Singing like 30 minutes.....

What are you grateful for today?

That I dare to say goodbye to the person I dream of, who has taught me so much.
That I am the boss of my life and that I love myself, life, and the things I do.
Now I'm ready to serve and give everything I can ...

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